What a Difference a Chain Makes

What A Difference A Chain Makes

By: Elisa Eiseman

Have you ever wanted to freshen up the look of your favorite pendant, but didn’t know how? Have you wanted to wear it with your new outfit, but it doesn’t quite work? Is it too fancy to wear with your more casual post-pandemic wardrobe? Consider changing the chain the pendant hangs from to give it a fresh new look.

A new chain can make an older style feel updated. It can make a fancy pendant more casual. It can also dress up a casual piece and make it into a statement piece. How amazing that a simple thing like changing the chain a pendant hangs on can make it feel completely different and brand new.

Adding a black leather cord or a black stainless steel chain to a diamond pendant can change the look and feel of it, transforming it from something you only wear when you dress up to something you can wear daily. The same pendant hung on a fancy diamonds-by-the-yard (D-B-Y) style necklace elevates it into something you can wear to a cocktail party, the theater or a wedding.

Let’s see what a difference a new chain can make.

Black & White Diamond Cross Pendant

This stunning 18K white gold, black and white diamond cross pendant can be dressed up or dressed down, just by changing the chain from which it hangs. Place it on a D-B-Y style necklace and you have an elegant piece to wear with an evening gown. For a more edgy feel, place it on a necklace of black diamond beads and wear it with black boots and a little black dress. Suspended from a heavy white gold curb link chain, the pendant is versatile and can be worn by a man or a woman. Our diamonds-by-the-yard style necklaces, black diamond bead necklaces and curb link chains come in various sizes and lengths.

PHOTOS: Black & White Diamond Cross Pendant featuring 1.26 carats of black diamonds and 0.78 carats of white diamonds on: 18K white gold diamonds-by-the-yard style necklace featuring 7 round brilliant cut diamonds totaling 1.75 carats (TOP); black diamond bead necklace featuring total of 82.72 carats black diamonds (MIDDLE); and 4.5 mm 14K white gold curb link chain (BOTTOM).

Reversible Ruby & Diamond Heart Pendant

This reversible ruby and diamond heart pendant is a fabulous piece to add to your collection. Not only does the large bale allow you to wear this versatile pendant on different necklaces, but you can turn it around to show off its ruby side or diamond side. The pendant is also available in other combinations, including a purple sapphire and diamond pendant, and a brown and white diamond pendant.

PHOTOS: 18K White Gold Reversible Ruby & Diamond Heart Pendant featuring 1.60 carats of pavé rubies and 1.51 carats of pavé diamonds.

On a black leather cord necklace, the heart pendant can be worn with jeans and a t-shirt. Dress it up a little by hanging it on a D-B-Y style necklace, and for the ultimate in elegance, place it on a diamond line necklace.

PHOTOS: 18K White Gold Reversible Ruby & Diamond Heart Pedant on: a black leather cord (TOP); a D-B-Y style necklace (MIDDLE); and a diamond line necklace (BOTTOM).

Bezel Set Emerald Solitaire Pendant

Even a simple pendant can be dressed up or toned down. Take this beautiful platinum and 18K yellow gold bezel set emerald solitaire pendant in our Estate Collection. The two-toned pendant has a classic look when suspended from an 18K yellow gold chain. The same pendant on a black stainless steel chain has more of a modern feel. Placing it on an 18K white and yellow gold D-B-Y style necklace featuring cushion cut fancy yellow and white diamonds elevates it to another level.

PHOTOS: Estate platinum and 18K yellow gold bezel set emerald solitaire pendant on: 18K yellow gold chain (TOP); black stainless steel chain (MIDDLE); and 18K white and yellow gold bezel set D-B-Y featuring 10 cushion cut Fancy Yellow diamonds totaling 1.14 carats and 6 cushion cut white diamonds totaling 0.54 carats (BOTTOM).

You may already have just the right chain to use at home, or it may be time to explore other options that you haven’t considered. At Kerns Fine Jewelry, we have chains and necklaces that can be worn alone or enhanced with your favorite pendant. Schedule an appointment to visit Kerns and explore it all!