Surprising Finds in Kerns Fine Jewelry’s Estate Collection – Part 2

Surprising Finds In Kerns Fine Jewelry’s Estate Collection – Part 2

By: Elisa Eiseman

Welcome back to our blog about the amazing things you can find in Kerns Estate Jewelry collection. Our last blog showcased some truly unique timepieces. In this blog, we feature several extraordinary jewelry pieces that we think you will find very interesting.

Let's jump right in...

Gold Purse

Have you ever seen a solid gold purse? We have one at Kerns in our Estate Collection. This beautifully crafted, 14K Gold Mesh Châtelaine Finger Purse is a rare find. Despite its petite size, it is a statement piece that can be worn as a ring, on a belt around your waste, or even on a long chain around your neck. Sorry it’s not large enough to hold your cell phone. So, what was this darling little treasure originally used for?

PHOTO: 14K Gold Mesh Chatelaine Finger Purse, Kerns Fine Jewelry Estate Collection

From the early 1800s to World War I, ladies wore necessary and useful implements clasped to the waist of their dresses because clothing was not made with pockets for carrying such items. They were usually worn suspended from a clip or large brooch with chains and hooks, called a châtelaine, to hold the various implements. The word itself, châtelaine, derives from the French term châtelaine which translates as the mistress of a chateau, who would typically keep all the keys to the household’s many locked doors, cabinets, pantries, desks and drawers. (from: Messy Nessy Cabinet of Chic Curiosities)

In the 1890s, as fashion changed and the hang-from-your-belt chatelaine began to fizzle, mesh bags with a finger-ring attachment became more popular. First used in the 1820s, the expensive early bags were made of real woven gold or silver. These first bags were made by hand from interlocking metal rings, which companies sent to housewives who assembled the mesh at home. The finger-ring attachment allowed the small purse to be held by a finger while a woman was dancing.

For Animal Lovers
Looking for a gift for the person that has everything? If they love animals and nature, we just might have the perfect thing. We have brooches, bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings featuring cats, dogs, insects, exotic animals and more. Here we feature a few of the many delightful pieces you will find in our Estate Collection.

For the dog lover, this charming 18K yellow gold bracelet with 8 poodle charms is the perfect accessory. If you prefer cats, there is this adorable 18K yellow gold jeweled Cat Brooch. And for equestrians, this regal 14K yellow gold horse brooch is a must have.

PHOTO: Clockwise from top left: 14K Yellow Gold Horse Brooch; 14K Yellow Gold Hummingbird Brooch with Purple Star Sapphire; 18K Yellow Gold Cat Brooch with Green Eyes; 18K Yellow Gold, Sapphire and Diamond Bee Pin with Ruby Eyes by Rosenthal; 14K Yellow Gold Asch Grossbardt Inlaid Stone Frog Brooch; 18K White Gold Diamond Dragonfly Brooch; Center: 18K Poodle Charm Bracelet; Kerns Fine Jewelry Estate Collection

Maybe you love to garden, bird watch or just spend time in the great outdoors. From bugs to birds, our Estate Collection is a great place to find the perfect gift for the nature lover.

You can add a little buzz to your blouse with this beautiful Bee Pin aglitter with sapphires, a diamond, and ruby eyes set in honey colored 18K gold. Designed by Herbert Rosenthal, famous in the jewelry world for his creation of insect and animal motifs during the 1960s and 70s, bees have long been a symbol of hard work, sweetness, diligence and individuality.

Add a pop of whimsy to your outfit with this cute 14K yellow gold inlaid stone Frog Brooch. It is a wearable piece of art by Asch Grossbardt. Using inlaid mother of pearl, onyx, coral, jasper, malachite, lapis lazuli and more, Asch Grossbardt jewelry features natural gems from around the world.

This 18K white gold pavé diamond Dragonfly Brooch will add a touch of elegance to any outfit. Dragonflies’ coloring and symmetry lends a lot to the world of jewelry, making for some intricate works of art. And like butterflies, dragonflies symbolize transformation through their process of metamorphosis.

Hummingbirds are loved for their fast-moving wings and joyful colors, and this 14K yellow gold Hummingbird Brooch with a purple star sapphire body will bring joy to anyone who wears it. A little known fact about hummingbirds is that their wings move in the pattern of a figure eight – the shape of an infinity symbol – making them a symbol of eternity and continuity.

Cufflinks for the Cigar Aficionado

If you are a cigar aficionado, these 18K yellow gold enamel Cigar & Matchstick Cufflinks are for you. Imagine wearing them while enjoying that coveted Cuban. They are also perfect for weddings, formal or business attire and would make an awesome gift for a groom, best man, boss, boyfriend, husband or dad.
PHOTO: 18K Yellow Gold Enamel Cigar & Matchstick Cufflinks, Kerns Fine Jewelry Estate Collection

Vintage Belt Buckle
Have you ever thought of a belt buckle as jewelry? Well, it is if it’s 14K yellow gold. Simple in its design, but elegant in its style, this belt buckle can be worn by anyone wanting to add a flair to their outfit. Added to the right leather belt, this buckle will be the highlight of any ensemble.

PHOTO: 14K Gold Belt Buckle, Kerns Fine Jewelry Estate Collection

Jewelry for Her Hair
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! But have you ever thought of wearing them in your hair? The first thing that probably comes to mind is a diamond tiara, but that is too fancy for most occasions. Instead, adorn your locks with these gorgeous Diamond Zodiac Hair Clips. The Pisces hair clip boasts 0.82 CTW and the Libra clip has 1.31 CTW of diamonds. The clips can also be worn as a hat pin, scarf pin or brooch. Add a little sparkle to your hair with these unique diamond clips.

PHOTOS: Diamond Zodiac Hair Clips: Pisces (left) and Libra (right) , Kerns Fine Jewelry Estate Collection

Explore Our Estate Collection
We hope you have enjoyed our blogs about the amazing things you can find in our Estate Collection at Kerns. Make an appointment to visit us and see the gorgeous jewelry and watches, including some by designers like Van Cleef & Arpel, Tiffany & Co., Rolex and Patek Philippe, in our ever changing Estate Collection. And while you are here, be sure to check out the new jewelry and watch collections we carry at Kerns.

And remember, if you have fine jewelry or watches that you are no longer wearing, you may want to consider trading them in toward something new. We buy jewelry and watches from many designers and eras, and offer generous trade-ins and, in some cases, consignment services as well. Hope to see you soon!