A Spider, a Skeleton and a Crocodile Walked into a Jewelry Store…

A Spider, A Skeleton And A Crocodile Walked Into A Jewelry Store…

By: Elisa Eiseman

Do you love creepy crawly things? Is Halloween your favorite celebration? Kerns Fine Jewelry has something special just for you.

With Halloween right around the corner, we feature some of our more unique conversation starters, whether you wear it to dress up your Halloween costume, to a backyard barbeque, or for a night out on the town. A black and white diamond baby skeleton pendant, a pavé diamond spider brooch, and a brown diamond and orange sapphire crocodile pendant are a few of the spectacular creatures in our jewelry collection at Kerns.

Keep reading to find out more about these delightful and spooky jewels on display at Kerns Fine Jewelry.

Diamond Baby Skeleton Pendant

This adorable black and white diamond baby skeleton is 1 ½ inches long from the top of the diamond encrusted bail to the bottom of its cute little feet. Its arms and legs are articulated, and its head turns from side to side, making it poseable and giving it movement when you wear it. Perfect with a pair of black jeans and a crisp white shirt for a day around town or a little black dress for a night out dancing at the club, this unique little piece will be sure to start conversations. And of course, it makes the perfect accessory for any Halloween costume.

PHOTO: Diamond Baby Skeleton Pendant black rhodium plated
18K white gold with 246 black diamonds totaling 1.95 carats and 179
round brilliant cut diamonds totaling 1.15 carats.

Black and Brown Diamond Spider Brooch

This imposing black and brown pavé diamond spider brooch is certainly a statement piece. Impressive in its size at over 2 inches wide, this beautiful brooch features a black diamond body, brown diamond legs, and 2 round brilliant cut white diamonds for eyes. If you found a spider of this size perched on the wall in your house, you would probably run the other way, but as a diamond-covered brooch pinned to your suit jacket or blouse, this arachnid is sure to make a striking impression.

PHOTO: Black and Brown Diamond Spider Brooch black rhodium plated
18K white gold with 8.86 carats black diamonds, 2.43 carats brown diamonds
and 0.2 round brilliant cut diamonds.

Brown Diamond & Orange Sapphire Crocodile Pendant

The intricate details of this brown diamond and orange sapphire crocodile pendant are exquisite. From its bared teeth biting down on the cable link chain to the engraved spines along its back and tail, and the way the diamonds and sapphires define the scales along its body, this formidable creature is a sight to behold. Cat's eye chrysoberyl cabochons give the eyes an eerily piercing quality. The crocodile pendant measures 1 ½ inches long from the tip of its nose to the curve of its tail. Its rose gold under-belly and mouth compliment the deep orange color of the pavé sapphires along its body and legs, and the brown diamonds help define the head, back and tail.

PHOTO: Brown Diamond and Orange Sapphire Crocodile Pendant
18K rose and white gold with 1.81 carats orange sapphires, 0.87
carats brown diamonds and 0.1 carats cat's eye chrysoberyl.

Be sure to make an appointment before Halloween to see the pieces highlighted here, as well as other wonderful critters in our fine jewelry collection, including snakes, frogs, bees and dragonflies. You do not want to miss the perfect piece of jewelry for your next party.