Top 10 Reasons to Make an Appointment at Kerns

Top 10 Reasons To Make An Appointment At Kerns

  1. WE’LL BE THERE FOR YOU. Sometimes our calendar is packed. With an appointment, you are sure to get in with ease.
  2. YOU GET RIGHT IN! We will know you are coming, and you won’t be asked to come back later.
  3. YOU GET RIGHT IN! Yes, I repeated this on purpose. With an appointment, you won’t be standing outside in the rain giving your contact information, complaining that we know you, to a courteous greeter who is just trying their best.
  4. WE’LL BE READY FOR YOU. Depending on what brings you in, we can prepare ahead of time and be more efficient with your time and ours.
  5. WE WON’T BE AT LUNCH. Maybe you are looking for a particular sales associate and you “just missed them.” With an appointment we can plan ahead to be here for you.
  6. YOU WON’T BE RUSHED. When you show up without an appointment and we have another appointment scheduled, we may have to rush our time together. With an appointment, we will have enough time allocated to have a proper meeting.
  7. WE WILL BE OPEN. Sometimes we close unexpectedly for inventory, a brand training, or just because. With an appointment you won’t be surprised to find the gates down upon your arrival.
  8. WE WILL BE OPEN. Yes, another repeat. Technically we are open until 5, but if it is 4:30 and our last appointment has come and gone, we love the opportunity to go home a bit early and spend extra time with our family and friends. (OK – so you may find us at the bar around the corner… but we still won’t be open for walk-ins.)
  9. WE ARE YOUR DOCTOR OF JEWELS AND WATCHES. Ok, that may be a stretch, but you make appointments for doctor visits, make reservations for restaurants, book flights to Hawaii. Please do the same with Kerns.
  10. WE ASKED YOU TO. Please don’t feel unloved. It just makes things so much easier when you schedule your visit.

Call us at (650) 348-7557 or go online to make an appointment.
Looking forward to seeing you soon!